1968, Feb "Mitsuoka Jidousya Kogyo" was founded individually by Susumu Mitsuoka.
1970, May "Car Shop Mitsuoka Jidousya" was founded by the founder Susumu Mitsuoka.
1979, Nov "Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd." was established.
1981, Dec Vehicle Developing Department was established in Nei-gun, Toyama (Entered into developing original cars)
1982, Feb Launched the "BUBU Shuttle 50" with a 50cc engine, which served as the starting point for the present Mitsuoka Motor.
May Sapporo Branch was opened. (Advance of used-car business into Hakkaido area)
Dec Introduced the "BUBU501".
1983, May Introduced the "BUBU502".
1984, Jan Introduced the "BUBU503".
1985, Jan Introduced the "BUBU505-C".
Jun Sendai Bypass Branch was opened.
1987, Jul Launched the "BUBU Classic SSK". (Started producing Replica cars)
"Mitsuoka Motors America, Inc., which was the first step to overseas business, was established. (Started importing and selling American cars)
1989, Feb Introduced the "BUBU 356 Speedstar".
1990, May Launched the "Le-Seyde" (Modification car of Nissan Silvia (S13)) with the limited run of 500 vehicles, which sold out in only four days.
1991, Jul Launched "Dore".
Oct "Fahren Toyama Co., Ltd." was established. (Started Audi & Volkswagen franchise business)
"BUBU Sapporo Co., Ltd." was established. (Branches in Hokkaido area were transformed into the owned subsidiary)
1993, Jan Released the "Viewt" (Modification car of Nissan March (K11)), which enjoys annual sales of more than 1,000 vehicles. We started a nationwide system of special sales agent.
1994, Jan Introduced the "Mitsuoka Zero-1", which was authorized as a do-it-yourself assembly car. This generated a great deal of attention.
1995, Mar We received a "Regional Vitalization Contribution Company" prize, co-sponsored by Nikkei Shinbun and National Land Agency, also received a "Life and Culture" prize, sponsored by Japan Fashion Association (JFA).
Oct Hokkaido BUBU Co., Ltd. started dealing with Volkswagen and Audi.
1996, Feb Introduced the "Galue" (Modification car of Nissan Clue).
Apr We acquired the vehicle type approval for the "Mitsuoka Zero-1". (Authorized as the 10th Japanese auto maker)
Nov Introduced the "Zero-1 Classic Type-F" and the "Ray" (Modification car of Autozam Carol).
1997, Mar Toyama Chrysler Co., Ltd. was established. (Started Chrysler franchise business)
Oct BUBU East Japan Co., Ltd. was established. (Branches in Tohoku area were transformed into the owned subsidiary.)
1998, Feb Released the "Ryoga" (Modification car of Nissan Primera (P11)).
May "Arese BUBU Hokkaido Co., Ltd." was established. (Started Fiat and Alfa Romeo franchise business)
Jul Released the "MC-1", "K-1" (Micro Car: One-passenger car) and "K-2" (Kit car).
1999, Apr Launched the "MC-1EV" (One-passenger electric car).
Oct Released the "New Ray" (Modification car of Mazda Carol).
Nov Released the "Galue-II" (Modification car of Nissan Cedric (Y34)).
2000, Mar Released the "Yuga" (Modification car of Nissan Cube (Z10)).
Oct We contracted a sole distributorship of "New London Taxi TX1" with London Taxi International (UK).
Nov Introduced the "New Le-Seyde" (Modification car of Nissan Silvia (S15)).
2001, Mar BUBU Sapporo Co., Ltd. started GM franchise business.
Jul Introduced the "New Ryoga" (Modification car of Nissan Sunny (B15)).
Aug BUBU Hokuriku Co., Ltd. started Hyundai franchise business.
BUBU Mitsuoka Co., Ltd. was established. (Branches of used car division in city area were transformed into the own subsidiary.)
Oct We made our first appearance at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show as a domestic auto maker. Here we exhibited the "Orochi Concept", which attracted an enormous amount attention.
2002, Oct We participated in the 36th Tokyo Motor Show (Commercial Vehicle) where we exhibited the "Convoy88" (One-passenger electric car).
2003, Apr BUBU Mitsuoka Co., Ltd. and BUBU East Japan Co., Ltd. were merged.
2004, Jan Opened Lamborghini Osaka branch in Osaka area. (Started Lamborghini franchise business.)
Apr Introduced the "Nouera" (Modification car of Honda Accord).
Oct BUBU Hokuriku was merged.
We contracted with a sole distributorship of the "TD2000" with TD Cars Ltd. (Malaysia)
Nov We participated in the Shanghai Motor Show (China).
Acquired the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)
(Started exploring a China market)
2005, Jul Introduced the "Galue-III" (Modification car of Nissan Fuga).
In July 2005, we obtained the international ISO9001 certification: Headquarters; Development Department, Yokono Factory; Tokyo showroom.
(In 2013, it was decided to discontinue the renewal of ISO9001 certification according to internal policy.)
2005, Aug Released the "Micro Classic Type-F" (Micro car) and "K-3" (Kit car).
Sep Introduced the "New Viewt" (Modification car of Nissan March (K12)).
Oct BUBU Sapporo Co., Ltd, Arese BUBU Hokkaido Co., Ltd. and Bestense Co., Ltd. were merged into Hokkaido BUBU Co., Ltd.
We participated in the 39th Tokyo Motor Show.
Nov We Participated in 4th Osaka Motor Show.
2006, Feb Opened "M.I.D (Mitsuoka Import Dealer) Auto mall Sapporo" (Multi-brands import car dealers)
Apr Mitsuoka Shoji Co., Ltd. was merged.
Lamborghini Yokohama branch was opened.
Oct Volkswagen Kawagoe branch was opened.
Released the "Orochi" with a number limitation of 400.
Nov We participated in the 8th Singapore International Motor Show.
Released the "K-4" (Micro car).
2007, Apr Introduced the "Galue-Convertible" (Modification car of Ford Mustang).
Oct We participated in the 40th Tokyo Motor Show where we introduced the "Orochi Kabuto" a special edition of Orochi model.
Nov Hokkaido BUBU Co., Ltd. purchased Autohaus Eins Co., Ltd. (VW Kuki).
2008, Feb Released the "Galue 2-04" (Modification car of Toyota Corolla Axio).
Mar We participated in the 29th Bangkok International Motor show 2008.
May Hokkaido BUBU Co., Ltd. started Jaguar franchise business.
Jul Released the "Nouera 6-02" (Modification car of Toyota Corolla Axio).
Oct Released the "Galue-Limousine S50" (Modification/Stretching car of Nissan Fuga).
Dec Released the "Himiko" (Modification/Stretching car of Mazda Roadstar).
2009, Mar Released the "Cute" (Modification car of Nissan March (K12)).
2010, Mar Released the "Galue Classic" (Modification car of Toyota Corolla Axio).
Apr Released the "Like" (Modification car of Mitsubishi i-MiEV).
Dec We participated in the 11th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2010.
Sep MITSUOKA MOTOR(THAILAND) Co., Ltd. was established. (Started Overseas Manufacturing business)
Nov Released the "Galue" (Modification car of Nissan Teana).
Dec We participated in the 27th Thailand International Motor Expo 2010.
2011, Aug MITSUOKA MOTOR SALES(THAILAND) Co., Ltd. was established.