The London Motor Show

The London Motor Show

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MITSUOKA MOTOR's First Exhibition at the 2016 London Motor Show

Mitsuoka Motor exhibited Roadster (Himiko), Mitsuoka Brooklands & Viewt at the 2016 London Motor Show.

Working at Mitsuoka Motors 光岡自動車でのお仕事

Mitsuoka Motor Exhibited at London Motor Show, which was held after the long gap of 8 years.

During the 2016 London Motor Show, Mitsuoka Motor along with UK Distributor T W White & Sons exhibited Mitsuoka Roadster and Mitsuoka Viewt (reference exhibit).
Additionally, in honor of the British motor sport birthplace of Brooklands, we had a special exhibition of "Mitsuoka Brooklands" for paying tribute to British racing heritage.

Our theme of the show was "Classic styling with a modern twist".

London Motor Show was a huge success.

This was the first ever exhibition of Mitsuoka Motor in UK. However, as the London Motor Show was held after the long gap of 8 years, it received a huge public attention.
Not only from UK, but also a lot of people from many foreign countries visited the Show, and it reminded us of the high interest in British and all other exhibited cars.
Many people visited the stand of Mitsuoka and we are confident that by observing and touching our cars, they felt and admired the uniqueness and quality of Mitsuoka Brooklands, Roadster and Viewt.

The Historic moment for Mitsuoka, foraying into the developed British market.

The London Motor Show ended a great success. The sports, convertible and classic cars market in UK is very mature, where many of the small manufacturers exist and have been recognized by the British users.
In this kind of market, we hope that the Mitsuoka classic styling with modern technology, has been recognized and accepted by many of the motor fans, who visited us physically and through the website & social media of London Motor Show, Mitsuoka UK and Mitsuoka Japan.

We are thankful to all the visitors who actually came to our stand, Mr. Neil White along with the whole team of T W White & Sons and, of course, everyone who were involved in the London Motor Show.

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Mitsuoka Roadster special edition 'Brooklands' to be on display at The London Motor Show

Mitsuoka Motor has announced that a limited edition Roadster will be unveiled at this year's London Motor Show, held at Battersea Park on 5-8th May 2016.


Name of Event The London Motor Show 2016
Dates and Hours The London Motor Show has ended successfully.

Thursday 5th May 2016
[ Press and Trade only 3pm-6pm ]

Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May 2016
[ Public General Admission from 10am ]
Location Battersea Evolution
London SW8 4NW, United Kingdom
Models Mitsuoka Roadster "Brooklands" : Special Edition
Mitsuoka Roadster (Mitsuoka Himiko in the Japanese market)
Mitsuoka Viewt : Reference Exhibit
Exhibitor T W White & Sons Limited


  • Mitsuoka Roadster
    (Mitsuoka Himiko in the Japanese market)
  • Mitsuoka Viewt

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