If your organization is having potential and you think that you can comply with the standard of MITSUOKA, you are most welcome to contact us and inquire about the minimum requirement.

Mitsuoka Motor is proudly the 10th Authorized Manufacturing Company of Japan.
We are well known in Japan as a unique Company with original model designed vehicles such as Orochi, Zero-1, Himiko, Galue and Viewt.
Having displayed our vehicles in the Tokyo Motor Show since 2001, the MITSUOKA name has become well known around the world. We launched the “Mitsuoka Zero-1” during January 1994, which was our first ever model, to be called as Mitsuoka’s Original Brand (except the Engine). Through Zero-1, we obtained the great attention from the Japanese media and was pronounced as the 10th Authorized Manufacturing Company of Japan, after the Honda.
At the 35th Tokyo Motor Show during October 2001, we started the exhibition of our product with “OROCHI CONCEPT” as the 10th Authorized Manufacturing Company of Japan. Through this Exhibition, we entered the Automobile Industry of the World as a Manufacturer of unique models.
We would further mention that our company is different from other mass production companies, as each of our product is being produced by hands. Our craftsmen and everyone in our team of production, devoted their hearts and souls to make each model with their hands in order that we will produce the best car for all of our customers. This is the specialty of Mitsuoka Brands, which differentiate us from others bulk producing manufacturers.
Although, our current models are based on the mass production manufacturers namely Toyota, Nissan and Mazda, however the unique design and hand-made quality are being considered as our speciality.

So if you are interested in our current models, please contact us and inquire about the minimum standard about MITSUOKA DEALER in your Country.