Our Passion over Car Making - Committed to make Cars through aesthetics and individualism.

  • Development Process
  • Production Process

Development Process

1. Design

In designing cars, we focus on a Car’s individuality, not simply considering a car as an industrial product. Just as each person has his/her own sense of fashion and beauty, we wish to bring personality to each of our cars.

We are proud to contribute to Japan’s culture of producing beautiful, unique cars.

2. Clay model / Mold making

We use clay modeling to represent our designers’ drawings in three dimensions.

Through this process, we are able to realize the designers’ expert vision and create the parts that make Mitsuoka cars great.

3. Test Production

To develop the best Car possible, we test them again and again through trial and error. Through the process, marked by a passion for design, excellence and painstaking detail, the completed production of each new Mitsuoka car is celebrated as a moment of birth.

Production Process

1. Welding

We weld iron plates by hand, relying on the feeling and experience to check the part’s accuracy.

This hands-on craftsmanship can be compared with the technique of a Master of traditional Japanese art.

2. Coating

Car manufacturing begins and ends with coating. By repeating the surface treatment and coating process, a simple material changes into a brilliant work of art.

3. Assembling Car Parts

Our Team of professional craftsmen produces just one or two handcrafted cars per day, very carefully.

In an industry where automation is the standard, we believe in the elegance of handmade vehicles.

4. Final Inspection

The completed cars undergo an exhaustive inspection for the safety of our Customers. As we finally ship the completed vehicles, it feels as though we are sending off, to our beloved children.

“All by hand” is how Mitsuoka makes cars.

The Company of Craftsmanship Movie - All by hand with passion.