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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mitsuoka”) fully recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information and handles it with meticulous care.
In order to remain as a trusted company by their customers, Mitsuoka hereby discloses its basic policy for protecting personal information.

  • 1.Unless the consent of customers is otherwise granted, Mitsuoka will not use the retained personal information for any purpose, other than the following:
    • ⅰ.To provide customers with information concerning services, such as a notice of a regular inspection, a legal inspection, or an expiration date of an insurance policy by sending print materials, telephone, visit, email, etc.; or to carry out other after services, or to comply with requests from customers.
    • ⅱ.To inform customers of products, services (including on-line services), events or campaigns that Mitsuoka group companies handle by sending print materials and by telephone, visit, email, etc.
    • ⅲ.To use personal information to perform duties as an agent of insurance companies, such as providing damage insurance, life insurance and services incidental or related to these types of insurance. Usage of personal information and privacy policies of the insurance companies that consign such insurance works to Mitsuoka are indicated in each company’s website.
    • ⅳ.To conduct questionnaire surveys for product development or to improve customer satisfaction by sending customers print materials or to contact by telephone, visit, email, etc.
    • ⅴ.To use customers’ personal information as a joint surety for their credit inquiries and checks within required limits.
    • ⅵ.To provide customers’ personal information in writing or by electronic media to Mitsuoka’s group companies and affiliates, manufacturers/distributors of the products that Mitsuoka handles. However, Mitsuoka will stop provision of information to third parties upon a customer’s request, when personal identification procedures are completed.
  • 2.Unless or otherwise, Mitsuoka will not provide any third parties with customers’ personal information other than the parties described above. However, Mitsuoka may provide third parties with customers’ personal information without consent when required in an emergency, in order to protect people’s lives, bodies or properties, and when it is necessary to cooperate in requests based on the statutes of public institutions, such as judicial authorities and the police, or when based on Japan’s statutes.
  • 3.Mitsuoka takes responsibility for the shared use of customers’ personal information. However, Mitsuoka does not take any responsibility for protecting personal information in the pages linked from the websites of Mitsuoka’s group companies.
    Mitsuoka responds to customers’ requests for disclosures, amendments, etc. of their own personal information by presenting relevant documents.
    Those who request disclosure are required to provide personal ID. (Driver’s license, etc.) 1,000-. Japanese Yen for each disclosure request, which will be charged as a disclosure request handling fee. With regards to personal information that is retained by insurance companies that Mitsuoka transacts with, Mitsuoka will forward it to the concerned organization.
  • 4.Mitsuoka will strictly observe Japanese statutes, regulations, etc. related to the protection of personal information.
  • 5.Mitsuoka will put in place the proper safety control measures in order to prevent disclosure, alteration, loss, etc. of customers’ personal information.
  • 6.Regarding the handling of personal information, Mitsuoka will periodically inspect and always strive for continuous improvement.
  • 7.Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd. Personal Information Office
    Phone: +81(0)76-494-1500
    (10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 every day except Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese National Holidays)

Information Security Basic Policy

We, the Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd. believes that ensuring information security is one of the most important issues in conducting business activities normally and smoothly.
As a guideline for protecting our information assets, we have formulated the information security basic policy and will implement and promote it as follows:

  • 1.We will strive to systematically and continuously improve and improve information security under the initiative of management.
  • 2.We have established a department in charge of maintaining and improving information security and have established the information security policy as an internal rule.
  • 3.We will provide necessary education and training, so that our management and employees fully recognize the importance of information assets.

<Information Security Officer>
Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.
508-3 Kakeocho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
Representative: Mitsugu Ono

<Department in charge of information security>
Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd. Administrative headquarters
TEL:+81 76-494-1500
(Reception [Japan time]:10:00-12:00/13:00-17:00 Excluding weekends and holidays)