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Be a Challenger

Free Ideas and Playful Minds Produce Our Cars.

Our models sold in Japan, are produced in our plant in Toyama City.
We aim to be an unrivaled and unique company in the Japanese automotive industry.
Starting with the “BUBU Shuttle” (a single seat car), we came to undertake the development of replica cars. This meant we started challenging new fields which were never been touched in Japan.

Challenge & Dream

In 1993, we introduced our representative car, “Viewt.” With blending style and playfulness, it became a pioneer in the development of fashion cars.
In 1994, we introduced a sports car with an originally-designed chassis, the “Mitsuoka Zero-1.” Mitsuoka Motor proudly became Japan’s 10th authorized automobile manufacturing company, and built a foundation for its development project. “Mitsuoka Zero-1” received a “Regional Vitalization Contribution Company” prize, co-sponsored by Nikkei Shinbun (Newspaper) and the National Land Agency, and also received a “Life and Culture” prize, sponsored by the Japan Fashion Association (JFA) and won “The Good Design Award” prize, sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry, currently known as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


In 2001, we made our first appearance at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show. Here our model “Orochi” attracted an enormous amount of attentions from people around the world.
We also tried something new this time, which was to develop single-seat electric cars for the next generation. We promoted their use in the delivery business and they have already been put to practical use.


Mitsuoka Motor Group has been built upon three main business pillars.

The first is a “Vehicle development” business with enormous latent potential.
The second is our “BUBU imported car distributing” business that has established a nationwide network of dealerships and high brand recognition as a dealer of used and directly imported vehicles.
The final pillar is our “Authorized imported car dealing” business that handles high value-added imported cars. These three pillars come together to form one solid base from which we can aggressively develop our business into the future.

Business Development
A fashion maker in the automotive manufaturer

We introduced more than 10 models of fashion cars since the “Viewt” in 1993. The cumulative shipment volume of our fashion cars has reached 12,000 units.
About 350 units of “Mitsuoka Zero-1” (a sports car) and about 8,000 units of Micro Cars (an one-passenger car) have produced. As an independent company with the brand power, we have made excellent progress in Japan.
The fashion car market strives to expand through the variation of design-centered products.

For Improving Customer Satisfaction and Promoting Diversification of Sales.
“BUBU imported car distributing” business

Solid foundation of Mitsuoka Motor Group is located in the used car sales. Taking advantage of sales strategy that has accumulated since its inception, we have sought to aggressive business expansion. Our used and import vehicle business, “BUBU,” has become a highly recognized brand in the market and has gained a high level of trust from customers. We closely cooperate with Mitsuoka Motors America Inc. (USA) to appropriately respond to changing market demands and pursue car development by matching current needs.
In addition, aiming to further improve of commodity turnover, inventory management, we will establish a time reduction of car delivery business with a high efficiency system.

Securing new brands
“Authorized imported car dealing” business

Our authorized import car dealers cover all the major cities of Japan. We offers various import cars from famous car manufacturers of all over the world such as Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat, Alfaromeo, Lamborghini, GM, Chrysler and so on.
Improving customer satisfaction is essential for new car sales. We also focus on supporting the professional development of every sales and maintenance employee, holding regular sales skill contests and training programs. In Japan, the number of import car registrations is growing continuously, but the targeted annual sales of import cars, based on manufacturer contracts is still high. To achieve it, we continue to launch active advertising campaigns to acquire new customers.


Enhancement of our mechanic service

The prolongation of the change cycle of the car extends to not only the new, but also the used car sales. The Mitsuoka Motor Group will expand our used car business and enhance our mechanic service.