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“BUBU imported car distributing” Business

For the advancement of “BUBU”

Offering a wide range of options

Solid foundation of Mitsuoka Motor Group is located in the used car sales. Taking advantage of sales strategy that has accumulated since its inception, we have sought to aggressive business expansion. Our used and import vehicle business, “BUBU,” has become a highly recognized brand in the market and has gained a high level of trust from customers. We closely cooperate with Mitsuoka Motors America Inc. (USA) to appropriately respond to changing market demands and pursue car development by matching current needs.


We directly import motor vehicles from the United States through collaboration with Mitsuoka Motors America Inc.
We purchase only vehicles that have been certified in accordance with our own stringent standards. Through the quality and history check, the vehicles are being sent to Japan.
After the Customs Clearance of these vehicles in Japan, noise emission testing and the work for adapting them to Japanese safety standards are carried out.
Thus we can efficiently and collectively carry out the operation from purchasing the vehicles to delivering them to our customers.