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Vehicle Development Business

A fashion maker in the automotive manufaturer

We introduced more than 10 models of fashion cars since the “Viewt” in 1993. The cumulative shipment volume of our fashion cars has reached 12,000 units.
About 350 units of “Mitsuoka Zero-1” (a sports car) and about 8,000 units of Micro Cars (an one-passenger car) have produced. As an independent company with the brand power, we have made excellent progress in Japan.
The fashion car market strives to expand through the variation of design-centered products.

Steps to move forward

There are two divisions in the development department of our plant in Yokono (Toyama City): 1.Design and 2.Engineering. We are a chassis manufacturer and our advanced technological skills gain us the approval to produce motor vehicles.
Our tireless challenge and accumulated experience continues to enhance our technology.
In our plant, the craftsmen devote themselves to building each car one-by-one by hand, and aim to earn customers’ trust and to develop cars of the highest quality. The cars have unique designs that other companies cannot imitate.
We will never stop striving for more. In installing our test facility, we work to achieve mass production of cars with our original chassis.